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Фентези-боевик (fantasy third person melee action)

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 Форум: Техническая поддержка   Тема: Game off

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Добавлено: 04 июн 2018, 19:02 

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The game is rubbish, I was 2 years without playing and now that I came back it only got worse, I thought that some update had happened but no, it only got worse.

 Форум: Бета-тест   Тема: Spoiled the game

 Заголовок сообщения: Spoiled the game
Добавлено: 14 май 2018, 00:34 

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I am Brazilian and I have not played for 2 years, I came back this week and the game is worse than before. It did not do any good to reduce the archers' damage and give them a sword, archers already have the advantage of attacking from a distance and now they also have a melee attack, I say this bec...
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